a vegetable adventure

I was in a daring mood today at the Farmer's Market. 

Salad is the only thing I could think of eating on this 99 degree day, 
but I wanted to jazz it up a bit. 

Then, I saw this:

If vegetables could have super powers, this certainly looks like it has a few.  
Neither bird, nor plane, it's  
kohlrabi (its German name), A.K.A. the cabbage turnip.

 What on earth do you do with this, you ask? Obviously, I needed to ask the woman at the farmer's market precisely the same question. 
Here's what I learned about this mighty vegetable.

A member of the turnip family, the Kohlrabi bulb has the consistency of a water chestnut, but a sweeter flavor. I was told its taste resembles a combination of potato and avocado (though I don't really taste avocado there).  
It's loaded with vitamin C and fiber, and it's low in calories. 

You can eat the greens, but they must be cooked slowly (longer than kale as it's even tougher). The large bulb can be eaten raw so I decided to chop it up for my adventurous salad. 

 First, remove the stems.


                                                 Slice off the top and bottom of the bulb.

                                                       Remove the tough green exterior.


                                                 Chop to desired size and serve over salad. 

You can also roast these pieces on a cookie sheet at 450 degrees with some olive oil, garlic, & salt for about 30 minutes. Then, sprinkle with good quality vinegar. 

If you're up for a vegetable adventure, here are some more recipes for Kohlrabi.