quick rainy day workout

If you're not a flower, rain sucks.

Here's a three and a half minute workout you can do in your house when the rain foils your outdoor running plans. All you need is a set of stairs.

First, warm up (I do some of those Tracy Anderson webisodes from earlier posts).

1. Run up your stairs (single steps)
2. Do 10 jumping jacks
3. Run down the stairs (single steps-  so you won't trip and break something)
4. Repeat step 1.
5. Do 9 jumping jacks.
6. Repeat step 3.
7. Repeat step 1, then step 2 but reduce the number of jumping jacks each time. Repeat step 3.

*Do the whole cycle three times in a workout if you're feeling strong, but interweave circuits of sit ups and arm exercises.

You'll be tired. I promise.

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