Kors commandments

In the latest issue of InStyle magazine, Michael Kors shares his style commandments.

Here they are, straight to you (well, sort of), the boiled-down version.

1) Don't dress to go with your age. Dress to go with your body.   See Helen Mirren.

2) Your cloths should be the same shape as you- don't hide behind them.     So many people break this one. Be proud of your shape and own it.

3) 3/4 length sleeves make your arms look longer and thinner.

4) Heels with a thin ankle strap slim your ankles.

 5) To be a "fashion editor" like Jackie Kennedy, focus on basic shapes, don't go crazy with pattern, and buy quality fabrics.   Kate seems to be channeling her inner "fashion editor."

6) Halter-tops and racerback tanks work for those with broad shoulders.

7) Stylish dressers play with opposites. Mix and match and it won't look like you overdid it.    Rachel Bilson does this like it's her job... well, it kind of is her job, seeing as she has a column in InStyle. Check out the leather jacket over a sundress. So chic.

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