Where's the beef?

It's at The Meat House.

This establishment is exactly what you would expect.
High quality. Friendly and helpful staff. Fantastic selection. And it's available in several states across the country (go figure it took me a couple years to realize it's down the road from me).

After verifying that it was a legitimate establishment (from a thorough inquiry of fellow teachers), I scooted on over after work.
The meat cutter (deli-ist?) gave me a free piece of their marinated sirloin tips-- yes, for free, just because I was a new customer! He also packaged my hamburger in- get this- vacuum sealed freezer bags. For no extra charge. That's right.

If you're thinking the price must be astronomical, it isn't. It's the same or slightly more than marinated meats at Hannaford or Shaws. Plus, it has the added bonus of actually being fresh.

And did I mention you also have a decent selection of what you want? If they don't have the exact cut of meat you need, they'll get it.

I am relatively new to this cooking thing and I honestly did not know all of this was possible in the United States. Perhaps you do already.
The Europeans know it. If we lived in Italy, this is how it would be done. We'd walk to the meat shop each night to pick out our dinner and we'd walk back home with it- the meat (as my mother-in-law says) "still mooing."

This deli-ist will know my name as I make my weekly trips and, unbeknownst to him,  I will pretend that I am in Italy (minus the Italian and the inappropriate comments of course).

But, if I didn't feel so special picking out the perfect dinner in person, I'd order it online.
Cause, yeah, you can do that too.

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