cookie swap champion

This recipe killed this holiday season. I made them for a cookie swap and for coworkers and got rave reviews all around.

Here is the recipe: OreoTruffleBalls

*Use mint Oreos for the filling. The result is a truffle with a hint of mint that brings out the flavor of the outer chocolate even more.

*As they say, a good quality chocolate is key. Colored melting chocolate is no where near as good as using real milk chocolate chips. I melted straight Hershey's bars for a batch of mine and it was divine. I drizzled white melting chocolate over the finished truffles though for an easy and elegant looking effect.

*When dipping the Oreo balls, roll them in a chocolate coated wooden spoon. I swear this is what chocolateers must do. It's the only way I could create a swirled coating and prevent the truffles from looking so gloopy (which took me almost a whole batch to figure out). An aside: I let my husband eat the ugly ones and he was certainly not sorry for that bakery blunder.

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