The Black Forest


Locally, this place needs none of my advertising assistance. It's a favored lunch/dinner/bakery destination of many friends and coworkers, and if it weren't, I am fairly certain that my mom and I would be keeping the place in business.

The menu always changes, but here are some tried-and-true dishes:

Under The Tuscan Sun Grilled Chicken Sandwich
The flavors of Tuscany meld together in this sandwich of grilled chicken, arugula, mozzarella and pesto mayonnaise, layered with a sweet and tangy sundried tomato jam. Offered with our feta orzo pasta salad. 10.95

Chicken Salad Sandwich
We couldn't open our doors without offering our signature chicken salad with chunks of roasted chicken, grapes, walnuts, red onion and our special dressing.
Served on white, whole wheat or marbled rye bread or in a white or whole grain wrap. Accompanied with our potato salad. 9.95

Crispy breaded eggplant slices on house made focaccia with melted mozzarella, and a tomato onion compote.  Served with our feta orzo pasta salad. 9.95

*Raspberry Lime Rickey
Our specialty - fresh squeezed limes, raspberries and soda water. 2.75 

(*This is a must)

Finally, my ultimate favorite: Chocolate Moussecake

If you are- as I am- a chocoholic, I insist that you order a piece of this cake. It is absolutely the best cake I have ever had. If you don't like rich, chocolate intensity, try any one of their cookies. You won't be disappointed.


Click here for the cafe's link in restaurant.com where you can save by picking up a gift certificate ahead of time... I recommend spending it on yourself.

Check out their site for directions:  The Black Forest Cafe

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