back to work

As of tomorrow, vacation is officially over for many. In the spirit of going back to work, I thought I'd share a great website.

See Jane Work is jam packed with tons of unique and super-stylish office items. Here are a few things I picked up for Christmas gifts this year.

Shipping is pricey and I had a hard time getting passed that. What did make it worth it for me was that I just couldn't find similar items out in stores. Keep in mind, though, that some things (like note pads and planners) are terribly overpriced and you can find similar things at Barnes & Noble for much less.

If it's for your home office, I would definitely wait for their shipping deals or coupons, which you can find on the web or in magazines a few times a year (I found out about this site in InStyle magazine last year and they offered a 20% off code.)

If anything, though, it's a great site to look at for inspiration. Tell me this wouldn't make going back to work a little easier....

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