If the snow is making your heart ache for someplace warmer, I'm with you. This is the time of year when I dream of warm waters, sun, and sailing. How timely that a friend of mine recently shared this fabulous fashion find that is perfect for just that kind of nautical setting.

These are totes from Sea Bags. They are classic, chic, and handmade bags made from recycled sails.

The totes made in Portland, ME and, although this idea of recycling sails is nothing new, this company gives back too. Not only does Sea Bags donate to SailMaine Scholarship for kids, but they're also working with Maine Cancer Foundation.

They make baby bags...
...and wine bags (not that I live the kind of lifestyle to make these a worthwhile purchase).

Or, you can even design your own.

Are they expensive? Yes.
Is it worth it? I think so. My inner shopper is telling me,
                    "Consider it an investment piece, both for your wardrobe and your attitude."

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